12 Design Ideas to get your Garden Ready for Summer

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Use dark colours

As we start to invite friends back into our lives with garden parties and such, showing off all the new features and elements we have been working on is a must. Don’t be afraid of using dark colours to frame your garden. If utilised in the right way, they actually recede, bringing focus to the prettier elements within your space. Play around with trendy tones – olives and deep shades of navy are very in this year, as is jet black. However, don’t be brash and think any dark colour will work. Deep red’s are a no go, as they draw too much attention, and there is a reason shades of purple work better as accents. Check out a couple of examples here, where the use of dark colours have been executed perfectly!

Swap a coffee table for a planter 

Lockdown has changed the way many people view the world. It has also changed many daily habits, bringing about new norms and ideals – one of which has been the sharp increase in planting within the home. Going out has become a lot less possible over the past year, ultimately leading to people bringing the outside in. Plant-buying figures have gone through the roof, with the purchasing of bulbs like echinacea (the genus of the daisy plant) rising by 3,000%. It is clear a large proportion of the general public have taken to gardening over lockdown. And what better way to show off your handywork, than swapping out your garden table for a planter. We love this concept here, blending a planter and table together.

Change planes 

If you have enough time and money on your hands, changing planes and sinking a lounging area can change the whole attitude of your garden. If your garden naturally has a slope, dropping a sunken seating area into the mix makes perfect sense and wouldn’t be too costly! On the other hand, a fire pit may take a bit of planning, but can create an unforgettable centrepiece! Take a look at two examples here: one is a simple drop into a fire pit, while the other utilises the gradual slope of the garden and features a few different planes. 

Create a bbq and bar area 

Creating a must-have bbq and bar area is a great idea for when your friends and family return over the summer months! As restrictions ease and we are allowed to see more people, having a fun place to congregate will be ideal! Check out this rather luxe example here, however if you are working to a budget, cheaper alternatives also do a great job.

Double up on seating 

Wicker lounge chairs have been garden staples for many years now; they are stylish, easy to move, compliment nearly every style imaginable and are incredibly durable (perfect with the wet weather we experience here in England). If you want to get creative with your space, incorporate different styles and heights within your seating arrangements. Hanging chairs are a really popular option this year, as they add texture, artistic accents and allow more seating, without taking up too much space. 

Blending pools and ponds

There is no such thing as too much tranquillity. So why not combine the joy of a swimming pool with the serenity of a pond? Shapes of swimming pools are getting more creative year upon year, meaning ponds can now effortlessly complement pools. Freeform pools are very popular right now, taking on the traditional shape of a pond, bringing with it the ever present peaceful qualities associated with ponds.   

Outdoor shower 

Regardless of whether you have a pool or not, an outdoor shower can dramatically improve your garden’s appeal. They add a refreshing tropical element to any garden and create a super luxe effect, that will really give it that one of a kind feel. Check out a few incredible ideas brought to life here.

Pretty Pergolas

As the weather continues to climb, it’s likely plenty of us will be clambering to find some shade, during those ever-present summer parties. Pergolas can provide this necessity, whilst becoming a great place to entertain. They add great architectural interest to your garden, especially with the addition of some draped ivy or something similar. As they don’t take up much space on the ground, they don’t clutter your garden or interrupt sight lines.

Zen is in 

Zen gardens are becoming increasingly popular in 2021, thanks to a general shift in our consciousness towards mindfulness. The Japanese have been creating zen gardens for centuries, because of their capacity to increase mindfulness – perhaps this contributes to why they have one of the longest life expectancies of any country. Zen gardens are incredibly easy to create; they feature a dry landscaped area, stylised rocks, water and sand. The rest is up to you. Have a look at a couple of different examples here for some much needed inspiration. 

Embrace patina

If you are unsure what patina is, not to worry, as you definitely will have seen it without realising. Patina is the thin layer of green film that forms on bronze, copper, brass, or certain stones and woods. It usually occurs through age, when the metal or stone reacts with air. The most famous example would be The Statue of Liberty. Luckily Patina can form fairly quickly if left out to the elements – if done elegantly, it can create slightly aged products, full of character, rather than having rusty old pieces. If you are going for a quirky, rustic aesthetic within your garden, utilising patina in ways like this can really bring the whole garden together. 

Water features 

Water features can be a great addition to any space, bringing tranquility and adding a spa-like quality to the area. Water features can range vastly, so don’t be afraid to seek out what suits your garden. Ornamental features are a lot cheaper and don’t take up much room, while if you fancy something more structurally integral, it may take up more time and money, but when complete it won’t disappoint! 

Summerhouse dream 

Renovating and cultivating the space around your summerhouse with plants and trees is a great way to spice up your garden, ready for the return of friends and family gatherings. Think of the plants as the setting and the Summerhouse as the stage; play around with designs and colour pairings. Ornamental grasses like White Pampas Grass blend effortlessly with plants like Russain Sage and Purple Japanese Maple. The idea is to create a beautiful scene for all to admire.