Ask the Location Owner: Episode 2

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Sophia – Hello! And welcome to another episode of ask the location owner. Today we are in sunny Streatham at the lovely Nicola & Gregs’ house, Wavertree.

Nicola – I’m Nicola and I’m a set decorator.

Greg – I’m Greg and I own a construction company, Design and Build.

N – And were the owners of Wavertree.

Question 1

S – What inspired you to become a shoot location?

N – So, I work as a set decorator, so I often work on the production side of things, so when we designed the house, I slightly had this in the back of my mind. We punched through all the way, we knocked down walls, all the way from front to back which actually little did we know at the time, it’s great for family living and it’s also great for shoots.

G – For me, working in the construction industry you spend a lot of time designing buildings like this. And it’s quite rewarding to have the exposure for all of your hard work, which you don’t normally receive when you’re working in the construction industry. So, to see these cookbooks, adverts, commercials it’s a real sense of satisfaction at the end that the work you’ve done is being rewarded.

Question 2

S -So Nicola what are your favourite features in your house?

N – Well this bathroom’s new, so my bath is my most favourite at the moment and also the kitchen because we basically live in our kitchen.

Question 3

S – What inspired the double height crittal window in your dining room?

N – So when we bought the house it was very dark and gloomy, so we wanted to punch more light into the kitchen and the dining area, so the crittal window was the main part of the design and it brings in as you can see plenty of natural light.

S – So guys what are your top tips for location owners?

N – My top tip is to not be too disappointed when you don’t get the job.

G – My top tip would be don’t be too disappointed if you don’t get the bigger projects, the smaller projects are really beneficial, as they tend to be in and out of your house in one day. And also, it’s quite nice for the untidy ones amongst us as it does keep you on your toes keeping your house nice and clean. Thank you.