Ask the Location Owner: Episode 8

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Ask the Location Owner: Episode 8

Rob – “Hello and welcome to another episode of Ask the Location owner. This week we were lucky enough to go round and have a chat with Ed Reeve of Blackwood House.”

Ed – “Hello I’m Ed – Welcome to Blackwood House”

Rob – “What Inspired you to become a shoot location?”

Ed – “I’m a photographer, I used to do a lot of lifestyle photography, renting locations so I thought it was a great idea. When we built this house, I could see it would really work well for other shoots.”

Rob – “Could you describe your design style and how it has influenced Blackwood House?”

Ed – “My design style… Well, I’m a minimalist, so I don’t like a lot of stuff, but I think it really works for a location house because shoot crews can arrive and they don’t have to spend the first hour moving all our stuff. We’ve got a very simple, clean interior, so they can just get on with their shoot and make the most of their shoot day.”

Rob – “What is your craziest shoot story to date?”

Ed – “Probably our most interesting shoot that we’ve had here and we’ve had loads of fascinating shoots, but we had David Attenborough here. And our daughter was three days old. So, he turned up and the shoot crew weren’t ready, so they asked if I could make him a cup of tea and keep him busy, while they finished setting up. He was fascinated by the house, wanting to know if it was a family home. So, I said well, we’ve got a three-day-old daughter. So, he said where is she. So, I brought her out and I’ve got all these lovely photos of David Attenborough holding our new baby.  It was this incredibly wonderful moment having David Attenborough hold your child.”

Rob – “What makes Blackwood House a great shoot location?”

Ed – “Well we’ve got loads of great natural light. We’ve got big windows, skylights, so it’s a great location for natural light. We also have great architectural angles so you can shoot in all sorts of different corners and get a whole range of looks. There’s also lots of great backdrops, lots of black backdrops. We’ve got the black decking outside, black cupboards, some blue cupboards also. But yeah, lots of neutral colours to shoot against. So, you’ll find plenty of variety. There’s lots of dark wood, the stairs are a dark wood. You’ll not be short of great spots to shoot at here.”