Home Cinemas – 5 of the Best

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With the latest announcement, from our Prime Minister Boris Johnson, stating that any gathering of more than 6 people will be reprimanded and is illegal by law, it’s going to remain difficult for us to do our favourite activities and pastimes for the foreseeable future. One such activity that millions of people used to do on a regular basis across the world was visit the cinema with friends to see the latest blockbuster. There’s also a real lack of new movies right now due to recent filming restrictions, for example the latest James Bond blockbuster was purposely halted by a year after Covid-19 took over the world. Despite cinemas reopening, they are at reduced capacity and social distancing is still being upheld, so watching the next big film with your friends is looking very different right now.  The film industry is a multi billion pound industry, but with this on-going pandemic who knows when we will be able to return to the cinemas in a normal fashion. So with all that in mind, we thought we’d take a look at some of the most incredible and lavish home cinemas that we currently have on our books. Maybe you’ll be inspired to set up your very own home cinema where you could hang out with your friends and family, strapping in for a winter of film watching, at a maximum of six people of course…


A slightly different kind of home cinema to the rest on this list, Crystal will have you feeling like you’re back in an Odeon thanks to their luxurious, padded cinema seats complete with drinks holders, blue lighting and classic movie posters all around. Thanks to those little touches of class like the velvet flooring and studded wall we know we’d rather be sat in Crystal’s home cinema than the local Odeon. Oh and with twelve luxury seats, you’d be able to socially distance with your 6 friends. 

Crystal’s Cinema style seating


Curious has been one of our most popular properties since the moment we signed it and its very easy to see why. On top of the gorgeous interiors found throughout the property, they have a home cinema to really top the property off. And this home cinema is as deluxe as you could hope for. Elegantly styled in a midnight navy throughout, the eye-catching artwork and art deco style lights really bring out the palette in a classy way. Curious’ home cinema really does have a premium feel to it and we adore it! 

The elegantly styled deluxe home cinema of Curious

Ashington House 

Ashington House is the ultimate home cinema! Styled lavishly with five black leather armchairs sat next to a black painted brick wall, you’ll be feeling like a bond villain watching your favourite film. If this wasn’t enough to entice you, they have also put up two floor to ceiling murals featuring some of Hollywood’s golden era’s most famous and prestigious stars. You can’t help but feel like a movie star when sat in Ashington House’s home cinema! 

Hollywood’s golden era at Ashington House


With a distinct art deco green, just with a modern twist, running throughout, Millbrae’s home cinema certainly stands out amongst a crowd. The surround sound, matched with sound proof walls really gives the space that authentic feel. And to top it off, the large and luxurious sofas with leather foot stands are certainly turning us green with envy over here. 

Millbrae’s home cinema certainly stands out

Prospect House

Offering up something completely different from the rest of the list, take a look at Prospect House and its home cinema / games room / bar. With plenty of seating, disco, as well as black out lights and a pool table to match, you’d certainly never get bored in this cave. If that second lockdown does happen you’d be sure to keep yourself busy there. With the beach also on the doorstep and swapping between playing pool and watching your favourite films, we know where we would have chosen to quarantine. 

Party time in Prospect House’s home cinema

So if any of these gorgeous home cinemas have given you the needed inspiration to turn one of your rooms into a home cinema then be sure to let us know and show us the finished product.