How to make your home ready for spring

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After a week which has felt like we may as well have been in the Maldives, we have started looking at some new interior trends to heat up our homes and get us in the mood for a (hopefully) hot spring…

Butter yellows, powder pinks, baby blues and minty greens are extremely popular right now. One of our favourite new locations, ‘Bille’, has nailed this ‘ice cream palette’ trend, tantalising our interior taste buds with its strawberry pink kitchen units and multi-coloured dining room chairs. Who says mango, vanilla and mint choc-chip aren’t a delicious combination?!

The wonderful kitchen / diner at Billie


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Another way to bring a little spring blossom to your boudoir is with foliage. More and more people are introducing plants into their homes and they can be the perfect accessory to bring any room to life. Whether that’s a hanging basket above your dining table, or a standing cactus next to your toilet, a little greenery is always a breath of fresh air.

Shabby Chic splendour at Mount Pleasant


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Last, but certainly not least, you can put a little spring into your interior step with a touch of tropical. This trend embraces a mingling of all kinds of colours and textures. Bolds, golds, wooden panels and whacky wallpaper, don’t be afraid to throw it all into the mix just like one of our more extravagant locations, Little Venice, transporting your home from a dreary London, to the exotic Mediterranean.

Who wouldn’t want to spend a bit of spring at Cavendish Place..?

 Cavendish Place

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