Our Favourite Shoots So Far This Year!

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We’ve had a fun start to 2024 but we can’t believe it’s May already! To celebrate the first quarter, we thought we’d share some fab content from shoots that have taken place at our locations since January.

Not Actual Size X Dove at Reuben

Dove shot their Valentine’s campaign at our beautiful location house Reuben. With a focus on ways of ‘showing someone you love a random act of kindness’, this romantic shoot location was definitely the perfect choice for this project. It’s great to see our client utilising Reuben’s winning space – its delightful pink and white bathroom – to emphasise the message of their campaign. What we especially love about these BTS shots is that everything seems to look quite relaxing and calm…which is very rare for shoots!

Studio Augusto at Twilight

We really loved this shoot produced by Studio Augusto, shot at our location house Twilight. This project, titled ‘Songs of Love and Loss’ was created as a commentary on the different ‘dimensions of romantic interactions’. Through the selection of images, each collection focusing on a different pair, multiple themes are explored through the visuals and are established through their titles. Some of these included: ‘We’re not babies anymore’, ‘I missed you’ and ‘You make my life so much bigger’. This was definitely one of the most heart-warming, more personal shoots we’ve hosted at our locations so far this year.

Gym King at Kensington Loft

On a more fashionable note, this shoot was by and for Gym King, taken at our luxury Kensington Loft location. Oozing with style, the brand shot their most recent Spring ladies’ collection, and we couldn’t think of a better-suited property to match the vibe of this project.

Son Heung-Min for Harper’s Bazaar at Birchwood House

With a few Spurs supporters in the office (by that, we mean 2…) this shoot has to be one of our top favourites. Here we have Tottenham Hotspur star and captain, Son Heung-Min, in a range of stylish fits for Harper’s Bazaar at our magical photoshoot and filming location Birchwood House. Located in North West London, this location flaunts earthy tones across its interiors and is surrounded by beautiful foliage, working perfectly with the mysterious, smokey vibe of this super suave fashion shoot.

Puma X Openyy at Purley

Right…this Puma X Openyy shoot definitely caught our eye and we’re keen to share it with you all. Captured by the talented photographer Grant James Thomas at our shoot location Purely, this production screams edgy, creative and, well, slightly chaotic (but in a good way!). Check out one of the shots below, with the models showing off all kinds of wacky acrobatic skills.

Moss Bros at Troverta

Last, but not least, we had Moss Bros shoot their new collection of suits at the ambient eco-house Troverta. The neutral but warm colour palette of this location’s interiors goes so well with the styling that we think they must have been made for eachother! Using only two striking models, they really made this shoot pop, managing to give a commercial shoot a very chic, vintage finish through their creative direction and production.

That’s a Wrap!

We could go on forever…but we won’t! Make sure to let us know your favourite out of all the shoots. Also, if you fancy seeing more content like this, make sure to follow us on our social channels linked on our site!