Pastel de Nata

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Yes, we’re big fans of the traditional Portuguese egg custard tarts in the office! However, with the onslaught of Spring it’s also got us thinking about pastel shades, who makes the best ones and where we might like to paint them… So, we did a straw poll with everyone here and asked them to pick their favourites and tell us why they like them! 

Melisa – Digital Content & Admin : Brand: LICK – Colour: Soft Creamy Yellow 01

Why do you like it? I love this shade because it’s bright and has a nostalgic feel – when I was a kid my aunt’s bedroom was painted in a similar colour, contrasted with deep blue decor and it was always my favourite room.

Why does it suit your personality? Well, (I like to think) I’m quite a cheerful person and I like to keep things light and fun – I feel that this shade reflects that! 

Where would it go in your house? This has to be a kitchen or bedroom shade for me.

Soft Creamy Yellow at Clayhill

Nina – Bookings Agent : Brand: Farrow & Ball – Colour: Calamine No.230

Why do you like it? It’s such a beautiful shade of pink – when it comes to pink, that particular shade feels timeless. It can be put in a young child’s bedroom or someone in their 20s, 30s, or even 60s’ bedroom for example.

Why does it suit your personality? I’d say because it’s fun and can inject some life & warmth into a bland space

Where it would go in your house? Bathroom

Beautiful pastel pinks at High View and Donyland

Abi – General Manager : Brand: Little Greene – Colour: Pearl Colour

Why do you like it? I like this colour because it’s bright and fresh, whilst still being soft and neutral.

Why does it suit your personality? Being a plant-parent I can definitely resonate with the colour green, but this cheerful shade I think suits my outlook. Perhaps the calming effect of this colour is more along the lines of what I need rather than how I am naturally!

Where would it go in your house?  This colour would look gorgeous literally anywhere – it would add a sense of relaxation if featured in a lounge or bedroom, it would brighten up a bathroom space or add a touch of elegance to a kitchen.

Brilliant use of Pearl Colour in on the kitchen units at Homestead

Luis – Accounts : Brand: Crown Paints – Colour: Sunrise 

Why do you like it? I feel that one can’t get too much sunlight at home – but it’s easy to get too little. So having this at home does the trick, sometimes. It is luminous, without being too jarring with the rest of my furniture.

Why does it suit your personality? The colour is subtle and warm while not very demanding, similarly to the way I want to be.

Where would it go in your house? I would be tempted to use it in my hall and corridor, to provide a welcoming feeling, or in my bedroom if out of my window is gloomy.

Sunrise in action at two of our properties, Elder and Claude

Sophia – Bookings Agent : Brand: Benjamin Moore – Colour: Apple Blossom

Why do you like it? I’m a big fan of green in general, I like how this shade is soft and elegant and think it would work well with wooden furniture. 

Why does it suit your personality? I find the colour calming and I’d say I’m quite a laid-back person. 

Where would it go in your house? I like it for a bedroom or living room. I’ve actually just painted my bedroom in a similar shade!

Lovely examples of Apple Blossom in use at Isabella and Bobbin

Naomi – Bookings Agent : Brand: COAT – Colour: Lie-in

Why do you like it? It reminds me of the sky, of staring out the window and watching the clouds pass by. It’s a peaceful colour, it’s serene. It reminds me of the water on an overcast day, and trips to the seaside. This shade of blue was always my favourite growing up

Why does it suit your personality? I’m not sure if it suits my personality, but I wish I could be as calm and as tranquil as this paint colour!

Where would it go in your house? It would be perfect for the bathroom, I think :)) 

Lie-in used effectively at Cotton Studio and Donyland

Robin – Canine Supervisor : Brand: Dulux – Colour: Misty Aqua

Why do you like it? Because it reminds me of the sea and being on holiday, which apparently is something people do…

Why does it suit your personality? It’s the kind of colour that makes calming spaces, where people can relax, create and feel regenerated!

Where would it go in your house? The walls of my spare bedroom at home are painted in this colour and when the sun (?) streams through the window it gives the room a feeling that’s both vibrant and tranquil at the same time.

Misty Aqua in full effect at Sovereign and Flute