Top 5 locations for a fashion shoot

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When choosing a location for a photoshoot, (whether that be portrait, product or lifestyle) there will always be tons of complexities that go into the choice. When clients get in touch with us, some of the elements to consider are lighting, space, sound, as well as specific styles and elements that are hard to come by. When it comes to choosing a location for a fashion shoot, it gets a whole lot harder – you have to think about how this will translate to a magazine, if the style of the location matches the concept behind the shoot, the ethics of the brand, the colours of that specific shoot, the season of the collection and much more. If sourcing a location in line with all of those values doesn’t make life hard enough, you also have to think about the location itself. The point of a lookbook is to make the buyer want the items before they go live in shops and on sites. The key therefore, is to make the shoot look aspirational; the location has to be trendy and cool. Read on to check out our diverse range of locations that are ideal for fashion shoots. 

Friendly Place 

Friendly Place is a warehouse studio, located in South East London. It not only has a dedicated hair and makeup area, but is also set over several floors, with each room offering a different set of quirky furnishings and backdrops. Thanks to its versatility, the shots you are after are provided in abundance. Some of the unusual props that can be found on the first floor include a bed, a green wall divider and a photo of the Queen. Following the distressed/ run down aesthetic of the first floor, other areas include vintage and retro furniture, a Vespa and a pommel horse. It is this versatility and array of fascinating furniture and accents that make Friendly Place ideal for fashion shoots, ranging from streetwear all the way to high end. 

Different settings found at Friendly Place

Henry VIII Boathouse 

Looking for something slightly more grand? Then check out Henry VIII Boathouse, set on the banks of the River Thames. This Greenwich-based shoot location offers a beautiful blend of faded grandeur, with tons of distressed elements and wooden flooring throughout. Some of the standout features include the array of mid-century modern furniture, a grand piano and the large open-plan kitchen/ dining area. In recent times, higher end fashion brands, houses and online publications have looked towards grittier and more raw locations, as they tend to allow the pieces to stand out amidst the rundown elements – something Henry VIII Boathouse would be perfect for. 

Faded grandeur at Henry VIII Boathouse

Kempshott Road 

The next property could not be further from Henry VIII Boathouse; Kempshott Road is a five-bedroom Victorian family home, located in South West London. However it is not the type of property or where it’s located that sets it apart from the boathouse – Kempshott Road has been recently restored to an impeccable standard and being set over four floors, there are tons of breathtaking features that make it perfect for fashion shoots. The kitchen is more contemporary in style, with crittal style windows, a polished concrete floor and central kitchen island. It is, however, the other rooms within this outstanding property that really give it its edge for fashion shoots. Neighbouring the kitchen is a large pink living room that has a gorgeous antique feel to it, similarly the front living space, while finished in a royal blue, also has antique features. One room has been transformed into a unique purpose-made bathroom, with a green finish and a free-standing copper bath, while other parts of the house have a real ravaged industrial vibe. Compile all these elements together and the result is an extremely diverse shoot location that can turn its hand to any style of shoot. 

Kempshott Road showing its versatility off

Palm Springs 

For a location more specific with its style, check out Palm Springs in West Sussex. This unique shoot location offers a stark 60s/ 70s vibe within a modern build – thanks to its one-of-a-kind furniture it is perfect for a retro style shoot. The extraordinary mid-century modern furniture, the striking artwork and the open-plan flow of the space really emphasise the feel. If this wasn’t enough, there are also two swimming pools and a beautiful garden, allowing for summer shooting as well. If you are looking for a retro or quirky location with a specific concept behind the shoot, look no further than Palm Springs. 

Tetro vibes at Palm Springs

Spratts Factory 

To round off our top five, we could hardly leave out Spratts Factory – an outstanding warehouse conversion, with a premium industrial feel. Exposed brick, crittal and polished wooden flooring are ever present features; thanks to its size, you will never be short of astonishing shooting opportunities. Industrial style locations are incredibly popular for streetwear campaigns at the moment, however thanks to its premium finish, Spratts Factory wouldn’t be out of place from an M&S campaign to a Calvin Klein shoot.

Spratts Factory and its incredible industrial-chic aesthetic